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Here at Cold Mountain, wherever you look you see lots of bison, birds  trees, and water but most especially mountains.  Seeing mountains all the time makes you set your sights high and also serve as a gentle reminder that the mountains in life were put there to be conquered.   Some people come to Pinedale to ski, explore nature, go fishing; basically all the kinds of things a place like this inspires people to do.  For us  when we look at the high mountain tops we are all the more inspired to help get our clients to the peaks of their business.  We know it can be hard to get there but if you take the right path, you will.  The mountains teach the perfect parable when it comes to media placement. 


- The Cold Mountain Approach

We place traditional media.  Broadcast, cable and satellite TV and radio.  We have a rolodex of stations that is incomparable ..and we mean that literally. You see we do things kind of old fashioned here, tried and true.   That is except for the fact that old fashioned means innovating.. that's how the world progressed all the way back from the stone age. 

So you'll find that while we are a classic media agency we are also trailblazing (another thing we learned up here in the forests of Pinedale).


Some people have the idea that the internet is scary.  They just can't seem to come to terms with the fact that is where the most eyeballs are today.  Whether you like it or not, it's true. Even our grannies who are sewing winter gloves as we speak are carrying Iphones and searching for videos of cute, adorable kittens doing funny things.  Yet many lead buyers and media placement agencies want to avoid the internet.  They have this funny notion that the leads aren't as good and there are too many opportunities for them to get lost along the way as they venture into a ''new media'' that is more then a quarter of a century old.  We don't call that safe in these parts, we call it sad.  We call 'em as we see 'em and it's served us well so far. 


As anyone would tell you here in Cold Mountain; don't go to deep into the forest without a compass, don't climb a mountain the first time without a guide and you might be able to fit in a pair of boots and sit on a saddle but that don't make you a cowboy.   What does that mean for lead buyers?  Don't wander into the internet without expert guidance (elsewise you might end up huddled in place and shivering wondering where the hell you are), don't expect to to have the magic quality lead generating power of the internet work for you because you made an account with Adwords, to reach this mountain peak you're gonna have to be much more prepared. And the last part about cowboys, well we just liked that one so we stuck it in there. ;)


The most effective way for an agency to get the highest amount of quality  leads is to have a well designed internet campaign comprising of streaming television (including You Tube) and niche web sites with video advertising inserts with a campaign designed by Silicon Valley experts.  You see we snatched some up on their way to Jackson Hole which is just a hop, skip and a jump from here.  If you've discounted the opportunities the wild west of the internet holds up until now, pull up a stool  and join us for a virtual bonfire meeting as we revolutionize how you interact with the internet and in doing so revolutionize your business potential.


Case Example:


Let's say you need high quality tax leads.  What matters is one thing -- hot leads you can close.  It doesn't matter if they came from TV, the internet or a hole in the ground.  We'll show you where good leads are ripe for the picking and it's not just your local TV station that everyone dvrs and forwards over the commercials of most of the time.  We'll also connect you into our system for rapid lead transfer which means rapid lead closing. 



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Founder and Vice President

Mike Sprianu comes to Cold Mountain after a multi-year run directed ad sales for the groundbreaking Daily Deals TV service.  A registered lawyer, Mike brings an analytical mind and year sof experience in the industry in a leadership position at our Company.


Project Manager

Grace Rios joins Cold Mountain after more then 20 years south of the border directing highly successful direct response campaigns in Latin America. Grace is a creative genius and true powerhouse in the industry. When not revolutionizing direct response TV, Grace is loving her new home in Wyoming where she rides horses daily and nurtures an organic farm.


VP Marketing

Kim Jordan's diverse marketing experience stems from a decade long stent at NBC Universal and a background spanning 20 years in the industry from internet to broadcast television.


VP Accounts

Trevor Sinclair comes to Cold Mountain from KPMG, one of the world's largest tax audit and advisory services.  Trevor is more than an accountant he is a mathmetician he is a financial wizard that will help your campaign reach heightened profitability straight out of the gate.

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